Seasonal Influenza Vaccination (including those working in General Practice, Community Pharmacy, Occupational Healthcare)

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The range of individuals included in the CMO recommendation for Flu vaccination is ever expanding as well as the range of practitioners able to offer this either to those included within the DH at risk categories, at occupational risk or those wishing to purchase it privately.

This programme is tailored to the requirements of your particular practitioner group e.g. Health Care Support Workers (guidance will be provided on the required protocol, policies, mentorship support and assessment as per HPA guidance for HCSWs), registered Nurses, registered Pharmacists.

Protecting the at risk population from Seasonal Influenza is one of the most effective activities health professionals can undertake. As the Seasonal Influenza immunisation programme in the UK continues to evolve, reform in health care brings the opportunity for wider professions to become active players in the supply and delivery of the Seasonal Influenza vaccination programme.

It is crucial that those doing so are prepared to national standards and operate within a robust clinical governance framework. To meet the growing need for new practitioners to undertake an active part such as Pharmacists, Occupational Healthcare staff and Health Care Assistants this programme may be tailored to the specific needs of your staff and service provision.

- Legal, professional and clinical governance framework
- Seasonal Influenza immunisation strategy
- Epidemiology of seasonal influenza
- Public health data
- At risk populations as defined by the CMO
- Seasonal Influenza vaccine types and supply
- Immunity
- Vaccine presentation
- Equipment
- Patient identification, counselling and consent
- Immunisation sites, procedure and Health and safety
- Cold chain and stock management
- Prescription requirements: PSD, PGD
- Recording systems and patient information
- Reactions and their management
- Management of anaphylaxis
- Personal and professional development
- Portfolio development and assessment
- Observation and supervised practice

Programmes can be delivered within your protocol as promoted by HPA National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training & Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training, guidance of professional bodies and the Department of Health ‘Immunisation against infectious disease’ (‘Green Book’) updates and CMO guidance.

Training programmes are highly interactive, practically focussed using case scenarios and common professional dilemmas and take a blended learning approach.Additional support and advice on operational frameworks can be provided

Diana Moss
National Trainer
0789 454 1158

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