Nutrition e-learning

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To raise awareness of preventable malnutrition in hospital.


Risks to frail older people, nutritional care for patients in hospital, reducing the risk of malnutrition and associated complications. Standards for Better Health (DH 2006)- systems to ensure a ‘patient’s individual nutritional, personal and clinical dietary requirements are met, assistance required to eat and access food, importance of improving the mealtime experience for older people in hospital, Safety Express, nutrition, hydration and nourishment ,privacy & dignity, malnourishment and dehydration, prevalence, risk assessment , dysphagia, dietetic services, communication, food hygiene and infection control, disease association, illness and frailty, assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation, weight management , food fortification, feeding assistance, food, fluids and presentation, different routes of feeding, drug and nutrient interaction and pharmacology.

Diana Moss
National Trainer
0789 454 1158

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