Initial Immunisation (Childhood)

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This programme is suitable for anyone counselling for or delivering the primary immunisation schedule for Childhood immunisation. Consistent with guidance from Public Health England (HPA Guidelines) it provides a firm foundation for immunisation practice.

Protecting the population from health threats, helping people live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives are priorities in the government’s strategy for Public Health in England
As the immunisation programme in the UK continues to evolve, it’s important that those providing Childhood Immunisations are well prepared.

- Legal, professional and clinical governance framework
- Childhood immunisation history and background
- Epidemiology and the diseases we protect against
- Public health data
- At risk population
- Vaccine types, manufacture and supply
- Immunity
- Vaccine presentation
- Equipment
- Patient identification, counselling and consent
- Immunisation sites, procedure and Health and safety
- Cold chain and stock management
- Prescription requirements: PSD, PGD
- Recording systems and patient information
- Reactions and their management
- Management of anaphylaxis
- Personal and professional development
- Portfolio development and assessment
- Observation and supervised practice

Diana Moss
National Trainer
0789 454 1158

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