Dementia Awareness

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This interactive and engaging programme is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about dementia especially those in caring roles within the health and social care sector as well as informal carers
With an estimated 850,000 plus people in the UK living with dementia (The Alzheimer’s society) it isn’t surprising that we may all know  or care for  someone living with dementia, it affects us all. It is forecast that one in three of us will develop the disease.
We have to prepare ourselves to be able to respond to the needs of people with dementia appropriately at personal, social, professional and political levels.
This programme enables learners to appreciate that the experience and progression of dementia is unique to the individual and that their care and support through Dementia friendly communities will be imperative for our society. The programme prepares learners  for the Alzheimer’s Society/RSPH Level 2 award in Dementia Awareness  through  a taking a person-centred approach to dementia
Assessment is by a short multiple-choice examination.


Understanding how the experience and progression of dementia is unique to the person

-The different types of dementia and their associated risk factors

-The functions of the different areas of the brain How damage caused to brain function can affect a person’s experience of dementia and everyday living

Understanding how a person with dementia can live well within society

-How society can have a positive influence on people living with dementia

-The attitudes within society that may prevent people living with dementia from being included and enabled

-Early diagnosis and assessments of capacity and how these can help people with dementia live well within society

Diana Moss
National Trainer
0789 454 1158

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