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Chaperoning, knowledge and skills for undertaking the role of Chaperone in Healthcare settings. This programme explores issues of consent, privacy and dignity as well as working collaboratively as a team. Suitable for all those who may be required to undertake the role of Chaperone for healthcare procedures (guidance on policies and procedures available consistent with DH guidance).

This programme has been developed for Health care assistants (HCAs) and others providing a chaperone service for consultations, examinations and investigations as a safeguard for all parties.
The training has been built on the recommendations of public inquiries, such as the Clifford Ayling Inquiry, Richard Neale Inquiry, Shipman Inquiry, guidance from professional bodies and research findings of the needs and attitudes of patients.
The interactive session has been designed to meet the specific needs of those acting as chaperones in either secondary or primary healthcare setting using relevant scenarios. Training provides underpinning knowledge and understanding of relevance to the NHS KSF Core Dimensions 1,3,4,5 & 6 at level 1 and Specific dimension HWB3
A workbook and tool for the practical assessment of competence in the work place provides evidence of the achievement of competence

- Background to chaperones in primary care, public inquiries and guidance
- The term chaperone, when and why one may be needed
- What is an ‘intimate examination’
- The rights of the patient and patient perspective
- Consent and confidentiality
- The role and responsibilities of a chaperone
- Procedures for raising concern
- Discussion of practical scenarios
- Documentation

Diana Moss
National Trainer
0789 454 1158

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